Custom Upholstery, Furniture + Cushions

With an in-house team of textile designers, graphic designers and engineers, Bravo has the ability to design and and build cabinetry and upholstered furniture. We are also able print a range of fabrics suitable for upholstery and soft furnishings. With our wide format ChromaLuxe technology, we can design and print durable, hard furnishings using aluminium and wood.

Custom Upholstery, Furniture + Cushions

Want to create a talking point for your interior or a new opportunity for branding? Bravo can assist you to create fabulous, bespoke pieces of furniture (cabinetry and upholstered), individualised cushions, along with furnishing and upholstery fabrics by the metre.

  • Use stock images or your own photo or design.
  • A range of bespoke upholstery or furnishing fabrics by the metre.
  • ChromaLuxe custom printing on aluminium and wood.
  • Construction and manufacturing.
  • Customised furniture or re-upholstery service.
  • Cushions in a range of sizes, shapes and fabrics.
  • Prints in jaw dropping colour and high resolution.
  • Suitable for domestic or commercial applications.

Soft furnishings have long been used to create comfortable interiors and to create a certain atmosphere. Why not use your soft furnishings and cabinetry as a further opportunity to create the right look and to enhance your branding? We’d love to help you bring your creative ideas to life. Feel free to call us for a chat, at our headquarters on 03 9769 1644.

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