Custom Lights + Lampshade

Want to create a unique and spectacular lighting display for your interior? We can create the most stunning bespoke lights and illuminated displays, utilising a range of materials and customised digital print.

Custom Lights + Lampshade

We can manufacture fully customised complete lights and lampshades to create beautiful interior features and creative display options for your domestic or commercial environment.

  • Use stock images or your own photo or design.
  • Custom fully wired lights or lampshades available in a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Standard or custom componentry.
  • Free-standing, suspended, recessed or mounted options available.
  • Beautiful and vibrant prints in high resolution.
  • We can provide installation if required.
  • Suitable for domestic or commercial applications.

Illuminated display, is so arresting and eye-catching, that it elevates, beautifies and highlights your branding. Illumination is a wonderful tool to capture the attention of your market. We can create all sorts of beautiful lighting displays and our team are very happy to provide guidance. Please call us on 03 9769 1644.

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